Golden Haven Memorial Parks
A piece of heaven where beauty and serenity abounds.


  • 1. What is MCF?
    • MCF stands for Maintenance Care Fund and refers to the portion of the buyers’ payments that goes to an irrevocable Trust Fund established for the perpetual maintenance of the Golden Haven Parks. The specified amount, which is included in the computation of the Total Contract Price, covers improvements and repairs rendered to park amenities, round-the-clock security, and overall upkeep of the park. The judicious management of the PCF also ensures continuous maintenance of the Golden Haven parks even after the company itself has ceased its operations.
  • 2. What documents are required in purchasing a Golden Haven lot/unit?
    • The documents required to purchase a Golden Haven lot are very simple and easy to complete. Upon purchase, buyers are usually asked to fill out a Customer Information Sheet and the Insurance Application Form*, sign the Purchase Agreement and the Computation Sheet, and submit a copy of any one of the following: valid passport, senior citizen card, or latest residence certificate with any valid ID**. All completed documents should then be submitted to Golden Haven for processing.

      *if buyer is insurable
      **any valid ID with bearer’s photo and signature
  • 3. What documents are required to process the Certificate of Ownership in Golden Haven?
    • Upon full payment, buyers are required to sign the Certificate of Ownership and the attached Deed of Sale and Perpetual Care Certificate and submit any of the following: valid passport, senior citizen card, or latest residence certificate with any valid ID. All completed documents should then be submitted to Golden Haven for processing, which takes three to four weeks.
  • 4. What are the advantages of owning a Golden Haven memorial lot/unit over owning a plot in a public cemetery?
    • Owners of Golden Haven memorial lots enjoy the following:

      Perpetual Ownership – Buyers of Golden Haven lots are entitled to permanent ownership of their purchased lots upon full payment of the Total Contract Price of said lots; no more annual fees and renewal of contract every five years or so.

      Perpetual Maintenance – The perpetual maintenance of purchased Golden Haven plots is covered by the Perpetual Care Fund (PCF).

      Value Appreciation – Values of Golden Haven memorial lots are always appreciating, making them profitable value-for-money investments.

      Accessibility – The Golden Haven Parks, all situated along major roads, are very accessible to both public and private transport

      Free Credit Life Insurance – Buyers of Golden Haven lots are insured during the paying period.
  • 5. What are the benefits of the FREE Credit Life Insurance?
    • In the event that the insured buyer dies within the payment period, the accredited Insurance Company will automatically pay the unpaid balance on the purchased lot in full in behalf of the deceased buyer. Insured lot owners are entitled to double indemnity, which means that aside from having their unpaid balance paid in full by the Insurance Company their beneficiaries will receive the total principal payments made by the buyer.

      Buyers of Columbary and Apartment Units are only entitled to single-indemnity insurance. 

      This feature makes owning Golden Haven, a WORRY FREE INVESTMENT.
  • 6. Who can avail of the FREE Credit Life Insurance?
    • Any Golden Haven buyer who is a Filipino citizen and is of legal age (18-64 years old) at the time of purchase can be insured.
  • 7. When will the insurance coverage take effect?
    • Insurance coverage will start upon completion of 20% of the Total Contract Price (TCP). A contestability period of not more than one (1) year will automatically follow.
  • 8. What are the grounds for termination of the insurance?
    • The insurance shall automatically terminate on any of the following circumstances:

      - When the account is fully paid
      - When the account is in arrears for more than thirty (30) days
      - When the rights to the lot is sold during the payment period
      - When the principal buyer attains the age of sixty-five (65) years old
      - When there is any form of misrepresentation by the buyer
  • 9. If termination of the insurance resulted from lapsed payments can it still be reinstated?
    • Terminated insurance resulting from lapsed payments can be reinstated simply by updating the account. However, the reinstated Insurance is subject to one (1) year contestability period that will start on the day that the buyer updated his payments.
  • 10. Is it possible to assign a minor as one of the beneficiaries?
    • The owner can assign a minor to become a beneficiary as long as a guardian beneficiary, who is of legal age, is also listed on the Insurance Application Form.
  • 11. Can an individual other than the lot owner himself use the property for interment purposes?
    • Golden Haven memorial lots are fully transferable and assignable provided that the proper documents are produced.
  • 12. What are the payment requirements for use of a not yet fully-paid property?
    • Buyers of Lawn Lots, Columbary, and Apartment units are required to pay the amount equivalent to the Total Contract Price (TCP) of their purchased property before use of said property. Buyers of more than 2 lots or bigger inventories are required to pay the amount equivalent to 50% of the Total Contract Price of their purchased property before use of said property. The remaining 50% is payable over a maximum period of three (3) years at 18% per annum interest rate and should be covered with Post Dated Checks.
  • 13. How long does it take to process the necessary documents?
    • Processing of documents, which starts upon completion of purchase requirements by the buyer, usually takes 3-4 weeks.
  • 14. Where can I pay my Golden Haven monthly dues?
    • Buyers can pay at the Head Office by cash, postdated checks, or credit cards. All major credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD, JCB) are accepted.

  • 15. What are the requirements for interment?
    • Requirements for interment, which include the completely filled-out Interment Order, a copy of the Death Certificate of the person to be interred, proof of ownership (Certificate of Ownership or Special Power of Attorney authorizing the bearer to act in behalf of the buyer), and the corresponding Interment Fee, should be settled three (3) days prior to the actual date of interment. Rush interments are subject to additional charges.
  • 16. How Golden Haven lots/units are identified?
    • Golden Haven lot/units are identified by:

      Lots: Section-Block-Lot
      Unit: Gallery-Level-Unit
  • 17. What is the difference between Prime, Special Premium, and Premium lots?
    • Prime lots are the outermost lots bordering a Section. They are the lots nearest the roads or path walks. Special Premium lots are right next to Prime lots. Lots that surround benches and trees are also considered Special Premium lots. Premium lots are regular lots and are located in the innermost area of a Section (see diagram below).
  • 18. What are the requirements for transfer of property rights?
    • Transfer of property rights from one owner to another during the payment period is possible as long as the payments are up-to-date and the corresponding administrative fees have been paid. Transfer of property rights from one owner to another for fully paid accounts is possible with a corresponding transfer fee.
  • 19. What happens if I lose my Golden Haven documents?
    • Lost Passbooks, Purchase Agreements, Certificates of Ownership, and Deeds of Transfer will be replaced upon payment of the corresponding charges for the loss of said documents and submission of a notarized Affidavit of Loss.