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  • Brgy. San Mateo, Norzagaray, Bulacan

  • 0917 117 7725

Paradise is a Place of Timeless Harmony. A Majestic Park. A Manifestation of Perfection.

A leisurely 15-minute drive from Starmall, San Jose del Monte, Golden Haven Bulacan is the celebration of Jardim Tropicale, from the richest forests of the Amazon that is home to a wealth of exotic flora and fauna in a beautiful kaleidoscope of colors and textures.


Seven exclusive enclaves each conceived along with particular Brazilian garden styles, primordial elements of nature and facets of the human spirit – Aero, Aqua, Terra, Curacao, Criacao, Oracao and the Celeste.

Breathtaking Features

The Aero is a node that depicts the Amazon's avian wildlife which encompasses some of the most flamboyant species in the world.

The Aqua, the touchstone for this node is the shimmering iridescence of the river`s teeming denizens.

The Terra conceived as a node that showcases the exotic creatures of the tropical rainforests of Brazil.

The Curacao Garden is derived from the Portuguese word for heart. The deep reds and pinks of this enclave are symbolic of the aspect of that enables him to feel, to empathize and to love.

The Criacao Garden is a Portuguese word that means creation. This enclave represents the mind`s infinite capacity to create vibrant masterworks of color and texture.

The Oracao Garden in Portuguese means prayer. Communing with the Divine is unique to man and is showcased in this enclave`s lofty greens.

In the midst of all these is Celeste, the pinnacle of Golden Haven`s Jardim Tropicale, a replica of Rio de Janeiro`s iconic Christ the Redeemer surrounded by a collage of pristine white blossoms overlooking the entire expanse of Bulacan`s uphill sanctuary.



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